Sikh Education in the 21st Century

Hosted by The Sikh Foundation, International at Stanford, this was a particularly relevant conference for us attend. Speakers included our project contacts and advisors Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany, founder of The Sikh Foundation; Dr. Jasbir Singh Kang, founding member of the Punjabi American Heritage Society; anthropologist Professor Sangeeta Luthra; and creative writer Meeta Kaur; among many […]

Favorite Wisdoms from the Guru Nanak Dev Ji

“The secret to religion lies in living in the world without being overcome by it.” Because that is the real challenge. “One may read for years and years …and read all one’s life Right up to one’s last breath Of all things a contemplative life Is what really matters All else is the fret and fever […]

Notes from Sikholars 2015

We attended this year’s Sikholars conference at Stanford, organized by Jakara Movement. A panel of Sikh graduates presented their research and discussed various topics in education, health, gender, and social justice pertinent to the community. Particularly relevant to our project was the Social Life of Sikhs Panel. The presentation “Educational Pathways: An exploration of California Sikh Youth” by Prabhdeep Kehal and Palvinder Kaur proved the […]

Bole so nihal!

Bole so nihal! Sat sri akaal! That is the Sikh shout of victory and greeting, which we heard shouted many times today. Today we drove to Yuba, CA to interview Dr. Jasbir Singh Kang. Dr. Kang is a spokesperson for the Sikh community there and a founding member of the Punjabi American Heritage Society. On our way to Yuba we […]