Favorite Wisdoms from the Guru Nanak Dev Ji

“The secret to religion lies in living in the world without being overcome by it.”

Because that is the real challenge.

“One may read for years and years
…and read all one’s life
Right up to one’s last breath
Of all things a contemplative life
Is what really matters
All else is the fret and fever of logistic minds.”

Reflect, internalize, project.

(Source: Patwant Singh’s The Sikhs)

Asian Art Museum: the Sikh Gallery

Happy Free First-Sundays! The Asian Art Museum was free to the public today, so I went upstairs to see the only permanent collection of Sikh art in North America, donated by Dr. N.S. Kapany.

A series of paintings follow the travels of Guru Nanak, the first guru, and his two life-long companions, a Hindu convert named Mardana and a Muslim convert Bala. I had a bit of a laugh because it seems in each of their adventures, Mardana falls into some misfortune and Guru Nanak gets to save him. Here, Mardana is swallowed by a big fish – Guru Nanak convinces the fish to give him up. There, Mardana is about to be boiled and cooked by cannibals – just in time Guru Nanak rescues him and the cannibals from their sin. And, oh, no, Mardana is turned into a goat by witches! But, of course, Guru Nanak holds sway over the witches and saves his hide yet again.

Meanwhile, Bala the musician looks on.

I neglected to take pictures, so you’ll have to visit the museum and see for yourself. 🙂

– Sarah